Cassette Airconditioner

Cassette Airconditioner

The New Cassette with Air Purification

LG Cassette type indoor unit is equipped with the air purification function. It offers a solution to the problem of ultrafine dust that harms our bodies. This is the CAC*-certified, high-performance product that delivers clean, cool air to your large space.

It is a larger air purification area than the cooling area. It can cover up to 147㎡ to create a clean and healthy environment in various vertical spaces, such as kindergartens, schools, and shopping malls.

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Inverter Cooling Only Series


Mitsubishi Electric Inverter series are the perfect answer to today’s cooling needs. Its Wide-angle outlets distribute air flow to all comers of the room, ensuring the room is sufficiently cooled. Horizontal airflow and a fan speed reduced by 20 percent compared to conventional models also contribute to increased comfort for occupants.

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Air Purification for Healthier Indoor Space

A powerful 5-step air purification removes odor, germs, and invisible PM 1.0 fine dust. This filter can be cleaned with water, allowing semi-permanent usage.

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Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring

Real-time monitoring with a wireless or wired remote controller, panel LED lamp, and smart phone


High Ceiling Mode

High Ceiling mode provides powerful cooling and heating up to 4.2m in height, from ceiling to floor. Airflow can be further strengthened by adjusting the fan speed.


Auto Elevation Grille

Auto Elevation Grille allows easy filter cleaning with 4-point support structure, auto leveling and auto stop detection features and memory located at user’s level.

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