3D Cool Xtreme Performance Technology

Whirlpool introduces the revolutionary 3D Cool Xtreme performance technology gives 50% faster cooling and ensures hi performance with optimized power savings even in extreme summer conditions of high 55*C temperature and low 195 voltage.
The 3D cool Xtreme performance technology works with the combination of the patent applied DFCT (Dual Fan Compressor technology) and the 3D cool technology which boosts compressor performance, evacuates hot air faster and improves low temperature refrigerant flow to give you high performance even in extreme summer conditions

Dual Fan Compressor Technology

he patent applied DFCT (Dual Fan Compressor Technology) enhances the performance of the compressor to perform even under extreme hot ambient conditions of 55 degree Celsius, while withstanding Indian voltage fluctuations leading to best cooling and enhanced power savings.

3D Cool Technology for fast and uniform cooling

With its ultra-stylish international design, the 3D Cool ACs have the 3 Dimensional Air Intake system that evacuated the hot air inside your room is much faster than the normal Air-Conditioners, thereby, resulting in better heat exchange efficiency, leading to fastest cooling and smart savings.

55 Degree Ambient Working even at 195 Volt

Conventional air conditioners offer 48 degree ambient working at 230V whereas Whirlpool AC works at 55 degree ambient even at low voltage up to 195V.

6th sense Climate Control

With the climate in a day changing from “hot” to “extreme hot” to “hot and humid”, Whirlpool’s new Innovative 6th sense Climate Control Technology allows you to set the climate of your choice inside your home, in just one single press of a button. Now, no more of guessing work with your remote.

Climate Control Remote with night glow button for easy operation

Whirlpool’s climate control remote with unique climate control night glow buttons help in setting the best climate in the room as desired even in low light conditions.